Thanks be to Dot

Welcome to MHCA’s new blog, or more specifically, MY new blog, named for my source of inspiration and lifetime elderly role model, my dearly departed grandmother, Dorothy, a.k.a. Dot. If you are worried that this space is going to be all about my grandmother’s wisdom all the time, don’t be.  If you are interested in an occasional Dot-infused life lesson, check back periodically and you might find one. But mostly what I intend to write about here is the opposite of what you will read in the MHCA E-News or any other industry news publication. I want to focus more on the heart strings than the purse strings in long term care, knowing that in many ways the two are interdependent. I don’t believe you can be truly successful if you are not truly invested in what you do.  Some have heard me say over the years that my grandmother’s role in my life has made the all the difference.  It is fair to say that while I didn’t grow up aspiring to work in long term care, it is her profound influence that keeps me at it for nearly 20 years now. When I think of the people you care for on a daily basis, I know they are someone’s loved one too and this is what motivates me to be the best advocate I can be, for you and them.  Feel free to share a story about the Dot in your life; I bet you have one!

With full appreciation for what you do,

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