MHCA Announces 2015 Live Your Dreams program

We are pleased to announce this year’s Live Your Dreams program. As you know, Live Your Dreams is developed on the premise that it is never too late to reach for our goals and realize our dreams. Since the program’s launch in 2009, MHCA has been able to fulfill resident dreams by matching the specific request with natural sponsors or like-minded partners who share our interest in supporting long term care residents’ quality of life.

Consistent with our other recognition events, MHCA has moved to an online nomination form for this program as well. Access it here,

along with our Frequently Asked Questions sheet and a summary of dreams fulfilled.

As you consider your residents’ wishes, please be sure to evaluate the resident’s physical and cognitive ability to participate in the program. On a few occasions, we have begun to fulfill a wish only to learn that the resident really wasn’t able to make the trip, do the activity, etc. As you know, the project is based heavily on volunteers and donations, so it is critical that we use these resources and our time to coordinate the dreams wisely. Also, please ensure that your resident is willing to be photographed and participate in the publicity around these events.

The deadline to submit your resident’s dream for consideration is June 5, 2015. Dreams will be considered and fulfilled on a rolling basis with a timeframe to be determined by the overall demand. We will notify you with our plans as soon as possible. Your activities department will be receiving a post card this week notifying them of the program and how to access the online form.

Please feel free to contact me at 623-1146 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have any questions or comments. Together, I know we will make many dreams come true!


Nadine L. Grosso
Vice President and Director of Communications

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