Remember ME 2012 a success

I believe my grandmother was smiling on us as hundreds of people packed the State House at our 10th annual Remember ME event on April 13th. From the glorious sunshine to the generosity of Maine’s First Lady, Ann LePage, all was right in the world as 36 long term care residents received lifetime achievement awards. Some 300 people gathered to hear the amazing life stories of Maine men and women who blazed trails, built communities and served our countries. If I’m being completely honest, they make me want to be a better person. They inspire me to want to give back to my community, volunteer in my child’s classroom, take five minutes to write a thank you note, always do my best even when “good enough” is tempting. Their ambition, commitment and selflessness are hallmarks of a previous generation, so different from today’s egocentric, “what can you do for me?” cohort.

Looking at the audience in the Hall of Flags, I was most struck by the sheer humility on the faces of this year’s honorees. There were lots of smiles and a few tears too as they accepted their awards. Over the years, residents have questioned what they’ve done to deserve this award. They don’t think they were doing anything extraordinary, just doing their jobs and living their lives. It is precisely this unassuming nature that makes them so worthy of our recognition and respect. If you missed this year’s event, I encourage you to watch our video. It is less than three minutes and I think you will find it time well spent. Please visit

With praise for Maine’s long term care residents,

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  1. D.O. says:

    I have attended one of the Remember Me programs and was amazed just how humble the current elder population is when it comes to their achievements. There was no Facebook, youtube, or blogs to post accomplishments…just word of mouth and maybe some newspaper articles. Attending the program made me realize just how important giving back really is especially in today’s world where we rely too much on technology to help us and not enough on each other.

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