Long term care is more than a business; it’s a place to celebrate excellence

The truth is: I never get through a Celebrating Excellence Awards program without shedding a few tears.  Indeed, I am sensitive and as my eight-year-old daughter would say, “C’mon Mom, you cry at commercials!” That is also true, but I am genuinely touched by the heroes who work in our member facilities every day. 

 September 13th was no exception. As I watched this year’s winners and listened to what their nominators said about them, I couldn’t help but well up with emotion and awe at their work, commitment, and utter selflessness. Each person who took the stage that day clearly earned every moment of glory but yet they were not boastful.  They were modest and shy; some even looked slightly uncomfortable in the spotlight. Others were proud and trying not to cry.

In my humble opinion, there is an obvious incongruence between what caregivers do and what they receive. I have long believed that those who do so much to enhance the lives of our elderly and disabled residents deserve more than our long term care system has been designed to give.  Industry financial woes aside, I think the reason so many great caregivers stay is because their motivation comes from within and the “payoff” is the difference they make in another human being’s life.

So you see this “business” of caring for the elderly is not “business” at all to our award winners; in fact it’s very personal.  They go to work every day to give it their all and we are honored to celebrate their excellence.  

Visit  our Facebook page to see more about this year’s winners: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Maine-Health-Care-Association/415136628521232

Spend a view minutes reading their stories and watch this year’s Celebrating Excellence Awards video on our website: http://www.mehca.org/recognitionprograms/celebratingexcellence

Let me warn you, you may shed a tear or two…



This is the inscription on the Celebrating Excellence Awards.


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