Get on board with CMS Efforts to Reduce Re-hospitalizations and Antipsychotic Drug Use

This year, CMS and the American Health Care Association (AHCA) launched a number of new initiatives designed to improve the quality of care for people living in nursing facilities.  MHCA is presenting Reducing Re-hospitalizations and Antipsychotic Drug Use by Effectively Utilizing Quality Improvement Tools and Processes on November 8 at the Augusta Civic Center, which will focus primarily on two of these initiatives, aimed at (1) reducing avoidable inpatient hospitalizations, and (2) safeguarding nursing home residents from unnecessary antipsychotic drug use.  In this session, participants will review the quality initiatives, discuss the evidence base for reducing re-hospitalizations and the use of antipsychotic drug use, explore beliefs and attitudes about these issues, learn about the INTERACT program and tools, develop strategies to apply the quality improvement process to achieve practice changes, plan for the implementation of these practice changes, and more.  This workshop will be a highly interactive day, featuring a series of exercises through which participants will explore and discuss effective strategies for practice change to support positive results. Participants will develop individualized plans for next steps in leading change in their facilities. For more information, please see our Education Quarterly. To register online, click here.

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