Consumer Information & Education

Consumer Education and Downloadable Brochures:

Thousands of Maine residents benefit from long term care services daily.  Whether they need short- or long term care, Maine’s assisted living/residential care facilities and nursing and skilled nursing facilities provide an array of quality services and programs to meet your needs.  Often times, long term care decisions are made in a time of health-related crisis, but MHCA encourages families to have the conversation about long term care long before you need it.  

AHCA's Care Conversations

MHCA’s parent organization, the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living hosts a website which contains a wealth of information about long term care, including how to choose a long term care facility, how long term care is financed, how to ease the transition to long term care and much more.

Care Conversations is a website that focuses on people and the honest discussions needed to plan and prepare for the future. Finding care may seem difficult or even overwhelming at first. Whether you’re seeking care for yourself, or for a loved one such as a spouse, parent or sibling, Care Conversations can help you every step of the way. Worry less about tomorrow. This site helps you start a conversation, explore options, and find solutions that are right for you.

In addition to national resources, there are many Maine-based education and advocacy organizations that provide free and/or low-cost information and advice about long term care services in Maine. 

State Consumer Resources:

Alzheimer’s Association, Maine Chapter
383 US Route 1, Suite 2C, Scarborough, ME 04074
Phone:  772-0115 Toll Free:  1-800-272-3900  Fax:  781-3312

Area Agencies on Aging 

  Department of Health and Human Services Regional Offices


Office of Elder and Adult Services
Department of Health and Human Services
32 Blossom Lane, 11 State House Station, Augusta, ME  04333-0011
Phone: 287-9200  Toll Free: 1-800-262-2232

Legal Services for the Elderly
*All offices of the Legal Services for the Elderly are housed at the Area Agencies on Aging except for the main office in Augusta.
Central Office - Augusta
5 Wabon Street, Augusta, ME  04330
Phone:  621-0087  Toll Free:  1-800-750-5353    Fax: 621-0742   Legal Hotline:  623-1797

Long Term Care Ombudsman Program
Brenda Gallant, RN, Ombudsman
P. O. Box 128 (One Weston Court), Augusta, ME  04332-0128
Phone:  621-1079   Toll Free:  1-800-499-0229   Fax:  621-0509

Maine Hospice Council
Mailing Address: P. O. Box 2239, Augusta, ME  04338
Physical Address: 45 Memorial Circle, Suite 103, Augusta, ME 04430
Phone:  626-0651   Toll Free:  1-800-438-5963   Fax: 622-1274

Office of MaineCare Services
242 State Street, 11 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0011
Phone: 287-9202  Toll Free: 1-800-977-6740  Fax: 287-2675

Veterans’ Administration Center and Hospital
1 VA Center, Augusta, ME  04330
Togus Patient Advocate:  623-8411 Toll Free: 877-421-8263   Fax:  623-5792

Social Security
Toll Free Statewide:  1-800-772-1213
(Medicaid, Medicare and Supplement Security Income [SSI])

Social Security Area Offices


Legal Services for the Elderly
*All offices of the Legal Services for the Elderly are housed at the Area Agencies on Aging except for the main office in Augusta.