Quality Improvement & Regulatory Affairs

MHCA provides members with access to comprehensive quality improvement programs, while representing member interests with the many regulatory agencies that govern and affect facility operations.  MHCA attends public hearings during the rule making process, educates state agencies on provider quality improvement efforts, assists members in interpreting licensing rules and applying regulatory changes, and cultivates positive relationships with state regulatory agencies. As a key source of information, MHCA also provides members with a weekly notice of state rulemaking activities in the MHCA E-News, which allows ample time for member response and comment. MHCA also intervenes on behalf of individual members on issues as appropriate.

American Health Care Association (AHCA)

As the nation’s largest association of long term and post-acute care providers, AHCA advocates for quality care and services for frail, elderly, and disabled Americans. Their members provide essential care to approximately one million individuals in 11,000 not-for-profit and proprietary member facilities. AHCA represents the long term care community to the nation at large – to government, business leaders, and the general public. They serve as a force for change, providing information, education, and administrative tools that enhance quality at every level. As part of their extensive portfolio of member services, AHCA maintains legislative, regulatory and public affairs. Their dedicated staff work both internally and externally to assist member providers, the government, and the general public. The vision of AHCA shall be:  “The American Health Care Association is committed to a quality-driven, innovative, and efficient healthcare system that meets the needs and preferences of every American in our care.” The mission of AHCA shall be:  “To help our members deliver high quality care and services to America’s frail, elderly and disabled. AHCA advocates for long term care professionals by pursuing a customer focused healthcare system that values both excellence and efficiency.” AHCA, its affiliates, and member providers advocate for individuals who – because of social needs, disability, trauma or illness – require services provided in a long term care setting. They continue to advocate for the continuing vitality of the long term care provider community. AHCA is committed to developing necessary and reasonable public policies which balance economic and regulatory principles to support quality care and quality of life.

National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL)

The National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) is the assisted living voice of the American Health Care Association (AHCA). NCAL is dedicated to serving the needs of the assisted living community through national advocacy, education, networking, professional development, and quality initiatives. NCAL’s proactive, national focus on assisted living legislation is backed by the strongest and most influential long term care advocacy team in the country. NCAL members know that their voices will be heard by the national policymakers and regulators who continually seek to influence the future of assisted living. In addition to national advocacy, NCAL supports state-specific advocacy effort through its national federation of state affiliates. NCAL state affiliates work to create local education, advocate on behalf of assisted living providers, and provide the direct, ongoing support their assisted living members need to improve quality and grow their businesses. NCAL’s mission is to lead the assisted living profession through public policy advocacy, knowledge, education and professional development. NCAL is dedicated to promoting high quality, principle-driven assisted living care and services with a steadfast commitment to excellence, innovation and the advancement of person-centered care.