Culture Change Resources

Artifacts of Culture Change

Pioneer Network is host to this web-based version of the Artifacts of Culture Change. By registering and completing the Artifacts of Culture Change, providers are able to input, score and store their data online. Providers will be able to access current and historical data and are encouraged to:

  • Complete the tool at a minimum of twice a year. Quarterly updating is recommended, because for many homes, organizational reporting occurs quarterly. Adding Artifacts to a quarterly reporting schedule can also help to better analyze incremental changes in benchmark reporting;  
  • Create high involvement of staff, family and residents in completing the tool and solicit feedback from varying perspectives (see below);
  • Although assessments of responses can be approximates (e.g. responders do not need to count every adaptive handle), providers are encouraged to provide close approximate estimates to ensure the best possible measurements of longitudinal change.


Online Version

Almost Home

Almost Home is a highly acclaimed, intimate PBS documentary that takes you inside a year-in-the-life of a nursing home trying to implement culture change. Viewers will follow honest stories of couples, both bonded and divided by disability and dementia; children torn between caring for their parents and caring for their children; nursing assistants doing juggling difficult work at home and at the job; healthy elders fearful of moving to the dreaded nursing home; and a visionary nursing home director committed to transforming his century-old hospital-like institution into a true home. Almost Home DVD provides education and training on the topic of Culture Change in any setting. It's a candid and moving case study.

Copies of the DVD can be purchased from the Center on Age & Community, University of Wisconsin. The fee is $75.00.

Tales of Transformation

The workbook and DVD, A Tale of Transformation: Four Stages Tell the Story, focuses on the work by Leslie A. Grant, PhD of University of Minnesota and LaVrene Norton, MSW of Action Pact, Inc. It is filled with images, learning circles, and stories of culture change that will guide you whether you're at the earliest stage (institutional) or have already transformed your facility and energized your staff in the transformational and neighborhood stages, or completely renovated into the Household Model. The workbook includes exercises, team activities specific to each stage.

LaVrene, an early pioneer in culture change in long term care, has a strong reputation in organizational dynamics and a deep understanding of how nursing homes function, the problems that they face, and the opportunities they have for change. She shares this knowledge extensively in both the DVD and the workbook.

The work was funded by the Commonwealth Fund, and commissioned by AHQF to support the work of QIOs around the country who have the special challenge of working with facilities at various stages of culture change. The DVD was scripted, filmed and edited by Action Pact, Inc. All proceeds go to the Pioneer Network to support their on-going efforts in furthering culture change in long-term care.

The fee for the DVD and Workbook is $88.00. To order, click here.