Live Your Dreams


Imagine the possibilities -- Long term care residents riding a motorcycle, taking in a Boston Red Sox baseball game, graduating from high school, learning the Fox Trot or simply visiting with family? MHCA's newest program, Live Your Dreams, is based on the premise that it is never too late to reach for our goals and realize our dreams.  To the extent possible, MHCA matches resident dreams with natural sponsors or like-minded partners who share our interest in supporting long term care residents' quality of life.  In addition, MHCA members note that this program presents an opportunity to consider and reconsider residents' dreams and hopes, connecting with them in new ways. MHCA is pleased that it has served as a springboard for spirited discussion to learn more about one another.  From our viewpoint, it is an extension of existing programs and acts of kindness that happen in MHCA member homes every day. Dreams are considered and fulfilled on a rolling basis with a timeframe to be determined by the overall demand.

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