Membership Applications

Thank you for your interest in membership. We offer 3 different levels of sponsorship: Full, Association Organizational, and Associate Personal (described below). We invite you to download a copy of the appropriate membership application. For more information, please contact Dianne Chicoine, Director of Business & Information Services (207.623.1146, ext. 201).

Full Membership
Full membership may be granted to any nursing facility, residential care facility, congregate care facility or home health care agency which is licensed and/or certified by the State of Maine. All facilities/agencies are eligible for full membership and each is entitled to all rights and privileges, including the right to vote and seek office. A single licensed facility/agency within a “multi-facility” shall not be eligible for membership in association unless all facilities/agencies within said “multi-facility” pay annual dues and any special assessments levied against the entire membership, unless a hardship waiver is granted as provided in ARTICLE IV, SECTION 5, of these by-laws. Application

Associate Organizational Membership
Associate organizational membership may be granted to groups or individuals, real or corporate, who are engaged in activities which relate to the objectives of association and who are not organizations eligible as member facilities/agencies. Associate organizational members shall be ineligible to hold office or vote in the affairs of association. Associate organizational members may attend all general membership meetings, annual business meetings and conventions and also attend association sponsored education programs at the member rate. Further, associate organizational members shall be eligible to serve on committees of association in a voting capacity. Management corporations, whose clientele is eligible for membership, are ineligible for Associate Organizational membership. Application

Associate Personal Membership
Associate personal membership is available to an individual who is not employed by, is not an owner of an aforementioned organization, or has no immediate family member holding 10% or more ownership rights in any type of health care organization which is eligible for association membership. Associate personal members shall not be eligible to hold office or vote in the affairs of association. Associate personal members may attend all general membership meetings, annual business meetings and conventions, association-sponsored education programs at the membership rate, and shall be eligible to serve on committees of association in a voting capacity. Application


Staff Contact: 
Dianne J. Chicoine
Director of Business & Information Services

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