LTC budget proposal and PNMI tax repeal to be taken up at the legislature Wednesday

Wednesday March 6th will be a busy day for long term care at the legislature.  That afternoon, the Health and Human Services Committee and the Appropriations Committee will meet in joint session to take up
the portion of Governor Mills' biennial budget that includes nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Public comments will be taken on the spending plan at that time.  Budget hearings are the first big step in the long budget process. 
The legislature's Taxation Committee will also hold public hearing on Wednesday for two separate bills that would each repeal the Service Provider Tax that is imposed on PNMI
Senator Eloise Vitelli (D-Sagadahoc County) has sponsored LD 892, An Act To Exempt MaineCare Appendix C Private Nonmedical Institutions from the Service Provider Tax.  Meanwhile, Representative
Trey Stewart (R- Presque Isle) is the sponsor of LD 465, An Act to Eliminate the Service Provider Tax on Services Covered by Medicaid.  The impact on PNMIs would be the same under each bill, but the Stewart legislation covers other types of PNMI facilities as well.
Similar legislation has been supported by the Taxation Committee in the past and even been passed by the full legislature.  A lack of available funds has prevented the actual repeal of the tax.  The hearing is
scheduled to take place at the State House at 1:00 pm.  PNMI members who wish to know more about the bill and submit testimony are urged to contact MHCA.
Staff Contact:
Rick Erb
President and CEO