MHCA Wage & Fringe Benefit Survey

MHCA Wage & Fringe Benefit Survey
The survey was sent electronically to facility administrators on Tuesday, January 8. Members are asked to complete and return the MHCA's Wage & Fringe Benefit Survey by April 5 
We strongly encourage all members to take the time to participate. The higher the response rate, the stronger the validity of the data we gather from this survey. Participating members receive a complimentary electronic copy of the survey, valued at $50.00.  
If you have any questions or need another copy of the survey, please contact Dianne at the association office (623-1146 Ext. 201).  

NOTE: Surveys should be completed for individual facilities; data should not be combined/averaged for multiple facilities within a corporation. 
Staff Contact:
Dianne Chicoine
Manager of Business & Information Services