PDPM is Coming and We Can Help!

The New Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) begins on October 1, 2019! Under the new system quick and highly accurate assessment and diagnosis will be critical. In addition, payment will rely on 180+ MDS items (vs. therapy minutes & ADLs) so inaccurately coding patient needs will significantly impact reimbursement.
  To be successful with PDPM, Administrators, MDS/Billing Staff, Nurses/DONs, and Therapists must be included in your education and training process. Furthermore, it is essential that you start now; implementation of PDPM requires an organized, timetabled, comprehensive transition plan.
We've Got You Covered!  We have a plan to help you succeed with PDPM.
MHCA is partnering with AHCA to bring the PDPM ACADEMY to Maine.  AHCA's PDPM ACADEMY is a 10-month training effort designed to help you prepare for this massive change. Register Your Team and you will have access to all the following: (1) PDPM 101 (Introductory) webinars, (2) One-day, in-person training workshop in your State, (3) Monthly workshop webinars on key topics and emerging PDPM issues, and (4) “How To” webinars to help you implement additional tools developed by AHCA.
The PDPM ACADEMY is open to AHCA~MHCA Member Providers & Corporate Offices only!
AHCA~MHCA Provider Members can access the PDPM 101 (introductory) webinars now through AHCA's ahcancalED website. Simply login with the same AHCA username and password you use on AHCA's website. If you have issues with your login, contact AHCA at To participate in the in-person training, monthly PDPM workshops and “how to” webinars you must register for the PDPM ACADEMY. Our in-person training will be held at the Augusta Civic Center on April 17, 2019 from 8:00AM to 4:30PM. 
To Register: Complete the Registration Form included in the publication, fax a copy to MHCA at 207.623.4080, and send the original (along with your payment) to MHCA at 317 State Street, Augusta, ME  04330.  [We are not able to accept online registrations for this event.] 
Before you submit your registration, please confirm the availability of your staff; AHCA's Refund & Substitution Policy is limited for this event. For more information, you may refer to the Conference Brochure.
If you have questions or would like information about reduced rates for hotel accommodations, feel free to contact me at 207.623.1146 or send me an email at     
Don't miss the opportunity to get the knowledge and support you need for a successful transition to PDPM. 
Staff Contact:
Karen Michaud
Director of Education