It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

?MHCA previously shared the list of newly appointed Committees of the 129th Legislature. We are processing legislative information for grassroots purposes and members can expect a customized electronic grassroots manual sometime next week. In the meantime, please take a moment to review the lists below and let us know if you have any prior experience with any of these lawmakers. These are the groups with whom MHCA has much contact during the session. It is always helpful to MHCA's advocacy efforts when members have relationships we can build upon at the Association level. Thank you in advance.
Legislative Leadership:

Senator Troy Jackson of Allagash
President of the Senate
D- Aroostook, Senate District 1
Senator Nathan Libby of Lewiston
Senate Democratic Leader
D – Androscoggin, Senate District 21
Senator Eloise Vitelli of Arrowsic
Assistant Senate Democratic Leader

D – Sagadahoc, Senate District 23

Senator Dana Dow of Waldoboro
Senate Republican Leader
R – Lincoln, Senate District 13
Senator Jeffrey L. Timberlake of Turner
Assistant Senate Republican Leader
R-Androscoggin, Senate District 22
Representative Sara Gideon of Freeport
Speaker of the House
D – House District 48
Representative Matt W. Moonen of Portland
Majority Leader
D - House District 38
Representative Ryan M. Fecteau of Biddeford
Assistant Majority Leader
D - House District 11
Representative Kathleen R. J. Dillingham of Oxford
House Republican Leader
R - House District 72
Representative Harold Trey L. Stewart III of Presque Isle
Assistant Minority Leader
R - House District 147

Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee:
Senator Cathy Breen of Cumberland- Chair
D - Senate District 25
Senator James Hamper of Oxford
R - Senate District 19
Senator Linda Sanborn of Cumberland
D - Senate District 30
Representative Drew Gattine of Westbrook- Chair
D - House District 34
Representative Amy Arata of New Gloucester
R - House District 65
Representative Michelle Dunphy of Old Town
D - House District 122
Representative Brian Hubbell of Bar Harbor
D - House District 135
Representative Erik Jorgensen of Portland
D - House District 41
Representative Dennis Keschl of Belgrade
R - House District 76
Representative John Martin of Eagle Lake
D - House District 151
Representative Sawin Millett of Waterford
R - House District 71
Representative Teresa Pierce of Falmouth
D - House District 44
Representative Nathan Wadsworth of Hiram
R - House District 70
Health and Human Services Committee:
Senator Geoff Gratwick of Penobscot- Chair
D - Senate District 9
Senator Ned Claxton of Androscoggin
D - Senate District 20
Senator Marianne Moore of Washington
R - Senate District 6
Representative Patty Hymanson of York- Chair
D - House District 4
Representative Margaret Craven of Lewiston
D - House District 59
Representative Abigail Griffin of Levant
R - House District 102
Representative Kathy Javner of Chester
R - House District 141
Representative Colleen Madigan of Waterville
D - House District 110
Representative Michele Meyer of Eliot
D - House District 2
Representative Beth O'Connor of Berwick
R - House District 5
Representative Anne Perry of Calais
D - House District 140
Representative Holly Stover of Boothbay
D - House District 89
Representative Rachel Talbot Ross of Portland
D - House District 40
Staff Contact:
Nadine Grosso
Vice President & Director of Communications