Focus on the F Tag: Fire Marshal Q & A session a success!

On Tuesday January 22, 2019 MHCA hosted Scott Cyr and Ron Peasley of the Maine Fire Marshal's office who provided a thoughtful presentation regarding emergency preparedness requirements for our members. During this session we discussed the requirements for a preparedness plan, annual review of such plans, the requirement for drills both facility specific and community based; as well as the documentation necessary to demonstrate your work. Phil Cyr, Administrator of Caribou Rehab and Nursing has created a poster demonstrating his facilities commitment to emergency preparedness and has graciously offered to share this document with other MHCA members for use in their homes. This visual reminder will assist residents, families and staff easily be able to identify the commitment you have made to caring for the most vulnerable during a time of crisis. Please see the attachment to this weeks e-news. Reminder: Our facilities are designed for sheltering in place as a precautionary routine to keep you and your residents as safe as possible while indoors during an emergency event. No one wants your residents and staff members in the cold of a Maine winter during a time of stress and emergency. Emphasis on smoke and fire barriers, doors that automatically close and hallways clear of debris are just a few examples of how the fire marshal ensures you and your residents remain safe during an emergency. In addition, preparation is essential so everyone knows their role during crisis. We will continue our Q&A sessions with our partners at the fire marshal with another event scheduled for the beginning of spring. Stay tuned for an invite!
Staff Contact:
Danielle Watford
Director of Quality Improvement & Regulatory Affairs