MHCA legislative meetings begin

With just a few weeks into the 129th Legislative Session, MHCA has begun making its rounds with key lawmakers to discuss our legislative agenda. This week, Rick Erb, MHCA President and CEO, provided a long term care overview to the Health and Human Services Committee. In addition to offering insight into the current status of facility-based care, he also provided historical context for the development of Maine's long term care continuum.
Erb, along with our lobbyists from PretiFlaherty, also met with the Chairs of the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee to discuss the financial struggles facing members. He stressed the importance of working together to resolve them. Both Senator Breen and Representative Gattine have a good understanding of our issues, particularly the workforce development challenges. With no state budget document to work from yet, the discussions were more global, but positive.
Next week, MHCA staff is scheduled to meet with the Republican members of the Appropriations Committee and Governor Mills' office. We will provide updates on those meetings as well.
Staff Contact:
Nadine Grosso
Vice President &
Director of Communications