Focus on the F Tag: Are meal breaks negatively impacting your PBJ submission?

Your facility must always remove 30 minutes for lunches in PBJ reports. Even when your staff works through lunch, those 30 minutes cannot be reported. Your PBJ data is more scrutinized than ever - and you could be self-reporting your own F-tag. CMS Auditors are looking for over reporting of nursing hours and meal breaks, while the state survey teams will now be looking for issues with weekend and low nurse staffing levels. You should always self-audit your PBJ reports before submitting them to CMS! The MHCA Regulatory Committee will be developing PBJ self-audit tools for members to use as a pre-emptive strike to reduce faulty staffing submissions. Stay tuned for additional information as this tool is developed.
Staff Contact:
Danielle Watford
Director of Quality Improvement & Regulatory Affairs