Leave Your MARCC: How to support nursing mothers while stewarding your staffing hours

Maine's Nursing Mothers in the Workplace law states that nursing mothers shall be provided a safe, private and clean area to express milk and be afforded appropriate time to do so. The assumption is that mothers and their supervisors will develop a plan to afford “reasonable breaks… as needed” to express milk. If they take longer than the paid 15 minute break, facilities do not have to pay the mother for the extra time needed off the floor to complete; however, the facility/employer must allow the extra time. In the attached poster regarding this law, it is suggested that nursing mothers take steps to reduce the time needed to express so not to hinder the needs of their workplace. MHCA members may want to review their nursing mothers policies and procedures and draw reference to this fact sheet when discussing return to work plans for employees to ensure that both the employee and the resident needs' are met.
Staff Contact:
Danielle Watford
Director of Quality Improvement & Regulatory Affairs