Certificate Course Information

Activity Coordinator Course

In Maine, to serve as an Activity Coordinator in a skilled nursing facility or nursing home you must be either: 
  1. a registered occupational therapist, or
  2. an occupational therapy assistant, or
  3. a qualified therapeutic recreation specialist, or
  4. complete (or be enrolled) in a State approved training program.
Currently, the only State-approved program we are aware of (that would qualify a person to serve as an activity coordinator under option 4) is the Modular Education Program for Activity Professionals (MEPAP) Part I.  This curriculum was created by the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP).  An in-person version of this course is not currently available in Maine. 

To enroll in MEPAP Part I, visit NCCAP's website to research options for taking the course that will best meet your needs. We recommend that you begin with the Approved CE Educator List page; once there, scroll down the page for a complete list of approved instructors for MEPAP Part I, including instructors' phone number, email, and website (if applicable) as well as the course format (online, home study, in-person, etc).  Reach out to individual instructors directly to request program details, rates, and registration information.   

CRMA & CRMA Recertification and/or Bridge Course

The Certified Residential Medication Aide (CRMA) course is a standardized curriculum designed for unlicensed workers. Successful completion of this course satisfies Departmental training requirements for workers who wish to pass medications in certain assisted housing programs.

CRMA courses are offered in various locations across the State. A Statewide Training Schedule is available through the DHHS, Division of 
Licensing and Certification, webpage.  Once there, scroll through the list of available courses, select the one you desire, and click on the "Show Training Details" to find information about how to register. 

Once you have successfully completed the course, certificates are issued by the State of Maine and are available for download through the State portal.  To print your certificate, you'll need to provide your first name, last name and the last four digits of your social security number.  You may click here to search for and print your Maine certificate.

PSS Course

The Personal Support Specialist (PSS) course is designed for unlicensed entry-level workers. Successful completion of this course satisfies Departmental training requirements for direct care workers for certain home care programs and residential care facilities. 

In 2019, the Division of Licensing and certification announced the completion of an updated PSS curriculum.  During the pandemic, however, both versions of the course were still being utilized.  

We are not aware of a central hub where the list of statewide PSS courses are available but how the curriculum is delivered has not changed.  Some facilities have in-house PSS Instructors. There are also independent contractors who offer the PSS course in-person in various places across Maine.  Finally, a few providers still offer an online version of the PSS course, which is still acceptable in Maine as long as all of the required components are met.  

ServSafe Food Safety Program

The ServSafe® Food Safety Program was developed by the National Restaurant Association to prepare individuals for the ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification exam. The program blends the latest FDA Food Code, food safety research and years of food sanitation training experience. Managers learn to implement essential food safety practices and create a culture of food safety.

The ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification is valid nationally and recognized for a period of 5 years. The course is available online; use the link above for more information about distance learning options for becoming ServSafe® certified.

Contact MHCA at 207.623.1146 for recommendations about where to take the course/exam in-person.


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