E-Learning Program

We are pleased to report that MHCA will continue with our monthly E-Learning Program for members.  The goal is to cover a variety of topics that will support you in your mission to provide high quality health care and supportive services to residents in your care. Our e-Learning seminars will be presented LIVE using our ZOOM webinar subscription. 

When details for an upcoming webcast are finalized, the invitation to register will be sent to MHCA members by email. To register, click on the link provided, complete the registration form and process your payment through PayPal®.  For information about CEU requirements, cost and more, you may refer to the E-Learning Program Overview.

E-Learning Seminars for 2020-2021:

  • April 13, 2021 ~ Incorporating the Grievance Process into QAPI Activities (WB2104)
  • May 18, 2021 ~ Rebuilding Consumer Confidence: Strategies for Improving Consumer Relations (WB2105)
  • June 22, 2021 ~ Survey Preparedness for AL: Mitigating Risk & Addressing Deficiencies (WB2106)
  • June 23, 2021 ~ Survey Preparedness for NF/SNF: Mitigating Risk & Addressing Deficiencies (WB21062)
  • July 20, 2021 ~ Telepsychiatry:  Lessons Learned from COVID-19 (WB2107)

Staff Contact: 
Karen M. Michaud
Director of Education