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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

E-Learning Seminar ~ Communication Strategies: Improving Interactions with Residents (WB2001)

Start Date: 1/21/2020 1:00 PM EST
End Date: 1/21/2020 2:30 PM EST

Venue Name: Web-Based Program

ME  United States 

MHCA Members are invited to register for our upcomiing E-Learning Seminar.  For details about CEU requirements, process and more, you may refer to the E-Learning Program Overview.

Title:  Communication Strategies: Tips for Improving Interactions with Residents

Date:  January 21, 2020
Time:  1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

Program Description:  Broken communication affects all aspects of life. For people living with dementia and/or other brain conditions, communication presents some serious challenges. In this seminar, award-winning occupational therapist and dementia care specialist, Heather McKay, will help caregivers, professionals and family members better understand why communication changes for people with dementia and other mental health conditions. You will learn ways to improve interactions with these residents. Specifically, Heather will share practical and effective communication strategies that are useful for helping people during personal care, reducing resistance to care, and making social visits more positive.

How to Register:  The
Invitation to Register was recently sent to our MEMBER Education Email List. If you are employed by an MHCA Member, and would like to receive future communications about the E-Learning Program, you may send your contact information to Dianne Chicoine at dchicoine@mehca.orgTo enroll in this session, use the link provided in the Invitation to register online and process your credit card payment through PayPal®, MHCA’s online payment system. Please note, you don’t need a PayPal® account to use this service; you can process your payment as a PayPal guest. 

Fee:  $30 per registrant

Web Platform:  MHCA will utilize the ZOOM platform to conduct this e-learning seminar. To participate, all you need is an electronic device, internet access and audio capability (via phone or built in speakers); a webcam is also helpful but not required. If you’re new to Zoom, we encourage you to visit their
Help Desk in advance.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us at 207.623.1146 or email me at


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