MHCA Committees

Serving on an MHCA Committee is another way for members to engage and use their expertise, while helping to shape goals and guide the overall work of the Association. Meetings may be in-person, on the phone or via web-based technology. Each Committee includes one or more MHCA Board Members and Staff and meets on their own schedule.

Education & Technical Support:

  • Using technology to bring training into facilities
  • Providing technical support on topics like billing to increase revenues
  • Using AHCA and other resources to bring targeted training into facilities

Staff Contact: Karen Michaud

Engaged Membership:

  • Increase non-Board engagement in Committees
  • Identify future leaders and support their development
  • Increase use of Committees with clear charges

Staff Contact: Nadine Grosso or Ashley Ellis

Financial Sustainability:

  • Examining reimbursement changes that will reduce MaineCare shortfalls
  • Making MaineCare reimbursement more responsive to changing needs
  • Reducing facility bad debt exposure  

Staff Contact: Richard Erb


  • Developing a legislative strategy on funding and regulatory issues
  • Creating a unified message to impact public perception of LTC
  • Impacting employee pride and ability to express that

Staff Contact: Nadine Grosso or Ashley Ellis


  • Working with DHHS to eliminate redundant state regulations
  • Surveying members on which regulatory requirements to focus on
  • Providing templates for required policies

Staff Contact: Danielle Watford


  • Increasing the number of nurses and nurse educators
  • Attracting workers from other states
  • Securing reimbursement for training and education

Staff Contact: Nadine Grosso