Save Our Seniors


Maine’s Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities Need Your Help

Maine’s nursing homes and assisted living facilities have been on the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19. Our employees are heroic frontline workers who deserve our support and gratitude. Our residents have faced great difficulty, fear, and disruption during this pandemic. They deserve stable, quality care by caregivers they know and trust. 
As long term care facilities safely reopen, all appropriate public health measures must remain in place. Long term care facilities need sufficient levels of PPE, access to testing, and must ensure ongoing infection control to keep residents and staff safe.
Direct financial support from the federal government has been critical to keeping long term care facilities open, however, this relief ended late last year. The State now has an opportunity to allocate new Federal funds to continue supporting these providers. 
While the Mills Administration has proposed some relief in the state budget, it is not nearly enough to meet the need. Maine Legislators are now looking at ways to provide funds to those facilities that need it most through targeted rate relief and grant funding using funds available through the American Rescue Plan Act.
Contact your local legislator today and urge them to enact meaningful financial relief for long term care facilities. Thousands of Maine caregivers and residents are counting on it.
Contact your State Senator and your House Representative today – urge them to act now to preserve long term care in Maine.