Wage & Fringe Benefit Survey

This year’s survey was emailed to facilities on January 28, with a deadline of April 2nd. Your participation in the Annual Wage and Benefit Survey is very helpful to MHCA's advocacy work. NEW this year is a brief COVID-19 questionnaire on the implementation of wage increases, bonuses, and agency staffing. The survey encompasses positions in nursing facilities, residential care, congregate housing, home health care and adult day care.  
We strongly encourage all members to take the time to participate, as the higher the response rate, the stronger the validity of the data we gather. As always, individual responses will remain confidential. Members who participate in the survey will receive a complimentary electronic copy of the completed report, valued at $50.00 ($60.00 for a paper copy). 

Below are the initial notification and the survey provided in two formats for completion:

PDF copies should be mailed to Dianne Chicoine, Maine Health Care Association, 317 State Street, Augusta, ME 04330 OR Faxed: 207.623.4080. Email electronic copies to dchicoine@mehca.org


  • Surveys should be completed for individual facilities; data should not be combined/averaged for multiple facilities within a corporation.

  • For the (490) Medical Director position ONLY, please indicate the monthly wage versus hourly.


Staff Contact: 
Dianne J. Chicoine
Director of Business & Information Services


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