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Membership in MHCA is open to all Maine nursing homes and assisted living and residential care facilities and private non-medical institutions, or PNMI’s.  Membership is also available on an associate member basis to companies that provide goods and services to long term care facilities in Maine. Finally, personal membership is available to health care professionals who are not affiliated with a long term care facility or company but wish to be involved in the field. To download a membership application packet, please click on the image to right. For questions, please contact Dianne Chicoine, Director of Business & Information Services.

Benefits of Membership:


Lobbying/Government Relations:

MHCA provides effective representation and advocacy of member concerns on legislative and regulatory issues before the Maine Legislature, Governor’s office, state and federal agencies, and the U.S. Congress.  The association’s relationship with a full-service lobbying firm supports staff efforts.

Grassroots Activity:

MHCA’s grassroots program educates policymakers and the public about long-term care issues, long-term care providers, their commitment to high quality service, and the challenges faced as our population ages. MHCA provides members with the necessary information and tools to engage with lawmakers as needed throughout the legislative session. The program works with residents, families, providers, and other groups to ensure that their voices are heard and supports MHCA’s lobbying effort.


MHCA conducts high quality, affordable educational programs focusing on the business, clinical practice, and leadership needs of the long-term care community.  MHCA members receive substantial discounts on MHCA-sponsored educational programs, which provide continuing education credits for licensed long term care administrators.

Professional Staff Assistance:

Members have access to MHCA professional staff for information and assistance on reimbursement, laws and regulation, quality improvement, education, marketing and public relations, employment, and other issues.

Timely Information and Publications:

Members also enjoy free and/or discounted MHCA publications, including the annual Wage and Fringe Benefit Survey report, Directory and Buyers’ Guide and issue briefs. Members have access to timely information on developments in long-term care available through MHCA’s weekly newsletter.

Group Purchasing:

The association’s group purchasing program combines the total purchasing power of its members with a national sales network to assure the best possible service, quality, value, and price for an array of goods and services. Additionally, through MHCA Insurance Services, LLC, our members can access a full-range of life, health, disability and voluntary benefits insurance products.

Special Events and Programs:

MHCA members participate in special events and programs designed to foster good will and promote positive public relations in long term care.  These include MHCA’s Remember ME program, Excellence in Long Term Care, and the Mike McNeil Scholarship program.


Members network with fellow long-term care professionals and vendors through participation in MHCA’s committees, annual Fall Conference, education programs, meetings and other events held throughout the year. Members also enjoy a private list serv where they can ask questions and share information privately among peers.


Staff Contact: 
Dianne J. Chicoine
Director of Business & Information Services

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