Behavioral Health

When a person is being assessed, a friend or family member who knows how they are getting along from day to day should be present to help answer the questions accurately. We all try to sound as capable as possible and that is not different for someone who needs help around the home or needs facility care. The Maximus nurse assessor needs accurate information in order to determine the true level of care that the person needs.

MAXIMUS is responsible for the following services:

  • Eligibility Verification

  • Utilization Management Services including: Prior Authorization, Utilization Review, and Retrospective Review

  • Provider Relations

  • Member Services Capability

  • Quality Management (QM) and Improvement  

  • Appeals and Grievances

Each resident, prior to admission into a nursing facility, is required to have a completed PASRR-MI, which stands for “Pre-Admission, Screening and Resident Review for Mental Illness.”

Maine Partnership to Improve Dementia Care
MARCC: Maine Alliance for Resident Centered Care 

Staff Contact:
Maureen Carland
Director of Quality Improvement &
Regulatory Affairs