AHCA/NCAL Infection Preventionist Specialized Training (IPCO)

AHCA’s Infection Preventionist Specialized Training (IPCO) course is an online, self-study program for healthcare professionals who wish to serve as Infection Preventionists in long-term care. Individuals who complete the course will be trained to effectively implement and manage an Infection Prevention and Control Program at their nursing facilities.

Beginning in November 2019, nursing homes are required to have a designated “Infection Preventionist” on staff. IPCO addresses both clinical and organizational systems, processes and cultural aspects of infection prevention and control that are fundamental to effectively leading and administering a successful Infection Prevention & Control program.  

Through your MHCA membership, your staff qualify for discounted pricing on the IPCO. Upon successful completion, participants will receive certificates including 23 ANCC contact hours.

Visit ahcancalED for more details about the content, pricing and registration. 

Please note, to access ahcancalED and the IPCO course, you will need to login with your AHCA/NCAL username and password, which are different than your MHCA website credentials. If you need assistance obtaining your AHCA/NCAL username and password, please e-mail update@ahca.org with your name and facility contact information. 

Staff Contact: 
Karen M. Michaud
Director of Education