Opportunity for Performing an eMDRO Preparedness Prevention Review

MeCDC Healthcare Epidemiology is collaborating with The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) Consulting Services, Inc to provide facilities in Maine the opportunity to perform an eMDRO preparedness prevention review. This opportunity will allow facilities to review their internal preparedness processes and identify any opportunities for improvement and consult with subject matter experts while mitigating high-priority gaps. This free service offers the expertise and knowledge of the Infection Preventionists at APIC Consulting Services, Inc. who will also provide follow-up consultation to help your facility address infection prevention opportunities.
APIC Consulting Service, Inc. will contact your Infection Prevention and Control Departments/Leadership in the coming weeks to schedule this virtual review. We hope each facility will take this amazing (and free) opportunity to ensure their facility is prepared to prevent and respond to eMDROs. 

  1. APIC's knowledgeable Infection Prevention and Control Consultants will be reaching out directly to hospitals and nursing to offer a virtual assessment to assess the readiness and provide guidance for readiness and prevention of emerging multi-drug resistant organism, such as Carbapenemase-producing organisms (CPOs). 
  2. The following domains are areas to be reviewed/discussed:
    1. General IPC program setup and resources
    2. Healthcare worker education & training
    3. Surveillance & disease reporting
    4. Standard & Transmission-Based Precautions
    5. Multi-Drug Resistant Organism Prevention & Enhanced Barrier Precautions (Nursing Homes)
    6. Personal Protective Equipment
    7. Environmental Cleaning  & Disinfection
    8. Communication
  3. A report of discussion and providing of any guidance, resources, and opportunities for improvement will be provided
  4. APIC Consultants will follow up with facilities after to assist with any action plan development, barriers, or address any further questions.
CPOs have been identified in at least 13 out of 16 counties in the state of Maine. Additionally, the U.S. CDC released new guidance this past fall for nursing homes on how to manage MDROs. The new guidance is different from previous actions and this ICAR opportunity will allow facilities to be best prepared for MDRO prevention and response.
We thank you for your support in preventing HAIs and slowing the spread of eMDROs.  If there are any questions, please feel free to reach out to

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