Improving Maine's COVID-19 Booster Rate for Residents

Since the start of the latest Biden Administration campaign to promote booster vaccines, Maine's LTC facility resident booster rate has risen by approximately 5%. Despite this progress, Maine is still below the national average, and more than half of residents do not have the latest booster. 

COVID-19 boosters are proven effective in protecting individuals from serious illness, hospitalization, and death. Improving Maine's LTC booster rate will improve our residents' safety as well as further our partnership with national leaders. 

In addition to vaccinating residents, it is crucial to ensure the data is accurately submitted. Facilities are encouraged to verify the accuracy of your posted vaccination and booster rates, which can be found on the CMS COVID-19 data website. If not accurate, you can check your NHSN reporting process and update your NHSN vaccination data for the next reporting period. If the posted rates are low, facilities should prepare for outreach from the state survey agencies to ensure compliance with QSO-21-19-NH.

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