Enrich resident lives with FREE MemoryLane TV subscription in the New Year!

Wow! Nearly 40 long term care communities in Maine have signed on to take advantage of two free years of Memory Lane TV. Thanks to a CMP reinvestment grant, this opportunity is available at no cost to all nursing facilities in Maine. Don't miss this chance to get your community on board!
Affectionally dubbed the "Netflix" of dementia care, the streaming service is an innovative approach to delivering non-pharmaceutical interventions and care to people living with dementia, improving engagement, quality of life, and enhanced well-being. Click here for a brief video overview of Memory Lane TV. The solution leverages the science behind sensory stimulation as a means of managing the psychological and behavioral symptoms associated with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. Memory Lane TV's person-centered attribute will allow facilities to customize session content and can be utilized effectively to provide support for dementia symptoms such as sun downing, anxiety, stress, memory loss, and confusion.
All that is needed to use the service is broadband internet, a television with Roku/Amazon Fire Stick/Apple TV, and/or tablet devices. It is simple to get started, click here to enroll and select a convenient time to attend an onboarding webinar. If none of the dates listed work for you, alternative arrangements will be made to make sure your team can participate!
As a requirement of the grant funding, the Partnership will engage at least sixty long-term care nursing homes throughout Maine in a formalized effort to implement Memory Lane TV. Interested facilities will sign a letter of agreement and receive support from Memory Lane TV staff.

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