Reminder of NHSN Reporting on Up To Date COVID-19 Vaccination

Reporting current COVID-19 vaccination status to NHSN is important. For NHSN reporting during the September 26, 2022 to December 25, 2022 period, individuals are considered up to date with their COVID-19 vaccines if they meet one of the following: 
  1. Received an UPDATED (bivalent) booster dose, OR
  2. (a) Received their last booster dose less than 2 months ago OR (b) Completed their primary series less than 2 months ago. 
NSHN has a presentation that includes the definition of up to date (see page 2), examples (see pages 3 & 4), and a decision tree (see page 10).  
In the case of a person who only received the first vaccine in the primary series, and it has been more than two months, it is recommended they complete the primary series before receiving the bivalent booster. You can determine which booster to get by answering a few questions under “Find Out When You Can Get Your Booster.”