Contact CMS: Minimum Staffing Requirements for Skilled Nursing Facilities

AHCA/NCAL recently hosted a webinar to discuss the importance of and tips on contacting CMS to weigh in on proposals the agency is writing for SNF minimum staffing requirements. Presenters included AHCA/NCAL President and CEO Mark Parkinson and Senior Director, Grassroots Program Matthew Smyth.

The recorded webinar is now available for AHCA/NCAL members. Please log in and register for the webinar in order to view it.
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Click here to access the webinar.  

Summary of the webinar:

Mark Parkinson says the staffing minimum requirement is the worst public policy idea he has seen in the past 12 years. CMS is going to issue a staffing proposal around May 1.
AHCA's goal is to shape the proposal before it comes out on May 1. 
  • AHCA asks we submit a comment by February 28. 
  • All NF staff, including frontline workers, are encouraged to submit comments
They want us to contact CMS to weigh in on their upcoming proposal. 
  • Make comments personalized to drive home message.
    • Use own circumstances and examples
  • Focus on our patients and residents 
Talking points
  • Explain who you are
    • What you do & how long you have been in this line of work
    • Why you work in LTC
    • Describe your building
      • Location, # of units. profile of your residents' needs
  • Your commitment to quality
    • Mention any AHCA Quality Award or other award you have received
    • Explain what your residents mean to you and your team 
  • Workforce not available
    • Explain how difficult it is to get workers
    • Recruitment challenges
      • How many open positions
      • Inability to fill shifts
  • Asks of CMS 
    • Don't do this.
      • Or if they do it, then phase it in as the workforce comes back 
    • Any requirement must be paid entirely by Medicaid and Medicare
    • Include a broad definition of staff under the requirement
      • Staff other than nurses still offer valuable care to our residents
    • Note that LTC sector still trying to recover from the COVID pandemic 
How to do it: AHCA/NCAL encourages sending comments through their website. AHCA/NCAL will use their messaging database to ensure all other relevant officials also get our note. 
Staff contact: