MHCA Legislative Update

The Health and Human Services (HHS) continued holding work sessions on the Biennial Budget (LD 258). MHCA is talking with legislators and partners about the bill. We are also carefully monitoring the work sessions and representing the industry at HHS committee meetings. 

Looking towards next week, a few bills we are monitoring or advocate on are LD 533, An Act to Exempt Overtime Pay from Individual Income Tax; LD 35, An Act to Establish Adult Protective Services Training Requirements for Professionals Mandated to Report Suspected Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation to Enhance Protection of Incapacitated and Dependent Adults; LD 300 An Act to Establish Pilot Initiatives to Promote, Grow and Sustain Adult Day Care and Respite Programs in Maine; and LD 451 An Act to Ensure Transparent and Accountable Temporary Nurse Agencies. 

MHCA has been heavily involved in the drafting and supporting LD 451 - An Act to Ensure Transparent and Accountable Temporary Nurse Agencies. Members are encouraged to contact their legislators and the HHS Committee to share their support of this bill. Click here to send a message now!

As a reminder, we are asking members to get involved with our organizing effort of hosting regional facility tours for our elected officials. If you have not yet done so, you can fill out this two-minute form to express your facility's interest in getting involved. In addition on, the MCHA Facility Tour 
Guide and our other advocacy resources are available to help make it all easier. 

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