Age-Positivity – A Public Health Imperative!

Age-Positivity – A Public Health Imperative!
Tuesday, April 25 & Thursday, April 27
8:45am - 12:45pm
Virtual Event

Did you know that age-positivity is associated with a longer, significantly healthier life? It turns out how we feel about getting older really does matter, and the culture around us has an impact on our health and health outcomes.

Culture Matters!

Public health promotes and protects the health of people and the communities where they live, learn, work, and play. This Summit will explore how public health professionals, social service agencies, communities, and people can learn and collaborate together to flip the script about getting old and being old. Imagine, success means reducing depression, anxiety, chronic conditions, and dementia!

Join the Age-Friendly Public Health Movement

There's an incredible movement working across the country, with a framework that works to expand the role of public health systems in improving the health and well-being of older adults. Our first Keynote panel will share best practices learned from the first few years of this movement.  

On April 25 Keynote speakers Jane Carmody, Senior Program Officer at The John A. Hartford Foundation and Karon Phillips, Policy Development Manager at the Trust for America's Health will join a panel of experts from Washington State and Michigan to discuss "Collaborations & Lessons Learned in Creating Age-Friendly Systems."

Unpacking the Tools to Success

On day two of the Summit, we'll explore the culture that supports age-bias and negative views of aging and older people. We have to understand the culture to shift it. By understanding the cultural norms in our society – how we think and talk about aging – we can learn to flip the script and uncover the tools we need to build an age-positive culture. Our second Keynote panel will help us begin to build our tool boxes for age-positive success.

On April 27 Keynote speaker Mary Lou Ciolfi, Senior Program Manager at the University of Maine Center on Aging will join a panel of experts to discuss "The Surprising Science of Elder Speak."

For more information about the full Summit event, click here to read the full agenda. 

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