Legislative Update

For this week, the most important part of the legislative update is our Action Alert on LD 1575. We oppose this bill as drafted, as it proposes to change our rate-setting system before a new one is in place. Click here to read more about this bill and to contact members of the HHS Committee.

The HHS Committee voted LD 1474 Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services to Expedite Reimbursement of Nursing Facilities out of committee as "ought to pass as amended." If this bill is approved by both the house and the senate, then DHHS will be required to reimburse at least 75% of a facility's as-filed costs within 90 days of receipt. This would help facilities receive money they are owed in a more timely manner. 

MHCA testified on several bills, including LD 1575, LD 1601 An Act Regarding Visitation Policies for Long-term Care Facilities, Hospice Providers and Hospitals, and LD 1797 An Act to Expand Maine's Health Care Workforce by Expanding Educational Opportunities and Providing Tax Credits. 

Next week will include a public hearing on LD 1784 Resolve, to Improve Access to Appropriate Levels of Long-term Care by Rebasing and Increasing Reimbursement Rates, and a work session on LD 1575. LD 1784 is a critical bill that would significantly reduce the shortfall. 

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