Federal Senior Care Legislation Reintroduced

Last last week, Representatives Gerry Connolly (D-Virgina) and Ron Estes (R-Kansas) introduced bipartisan legislation to address a critical shortage of certified nursing assistants (CNAs). The Ensuring Seniors' Access to Quality Care Act will allow nursing homes that have been forced to suspend in-house CNA education programs after receiving a certain level of penalties to resume those programs once quality standards are met.
"We thank Reps. Estes and Connolly for reintroducing this important legislation as our sector continues to face a historic workforce crisis," said Mark Parkinson, President and CEO of the American Health Care Association. 
"Nursing homes have experienced the worst job loss out of any health care sector during the pandemic, and now more than ever we need solutions like the Ensuring Seniors' Access to Quality Care Act to help nursing homes vet and train crucially needed caregivers. With this legislation, we can help our nation's seniors receive high-quality care delivered by highly trained and dedicated caregivers." Read more.
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