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Long-Term Care Retrofits: CIP FON-011-2023

Through this Funding Opportunity Notice (FON or “opportunity”) Efficiency Maine is seeking applications for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), lighting and refrigeration projects in Maine's long-term care facilities.  This initiative falls under Efficiency Maine's Commercial and Industrial Prescriptive Initiatives (CIPI). This FON offers higher incentives than typically provided under the CIP initiatives, with the intent to accelerate the conversion to high-efficiency equipment in long-term care facilities across the state. Applications are due by October 31, 2023

This FON provides enhanced incentives for qualifying projects to upgrade HVAC, LED lighting, and refrigeration. See the charts below for incentive information on the qualifying equipment and see section 2.8 for a description of the criteria that will be used to determine which equipment (or “measures”) qualifies for these incentives. LED retrofit lighting projects will receive an incentive based on $0.36 per estimated kWh saved in the first year, capped at 85% of total measure cost.

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