May 25, 2023 Legislative Update

Last Thursday, the Health and Human Services (HHS) Committee voted to carry over into next year's short session two of MHCA's priority bills: LD 1827, An Act to Prevent Closures and Ensure Sustainability of Nursing Facilities, Private Nonmedical Institutions and Residential Care Facilities by Removing So-called Budget Neutrality and LD 251, Resolve, to Classify Employee Health Insurance as a Fixed Cost for MaineCare Reimbursement in Nursing Facilities. While we prefer both passing this session, we look forward to advocating for these bills next year. 

A win for long term care was the HHS's unanimous vote of Ought to Pass as Amended for another MHCA priority bill LD 451, An Act to Ensure Transparent and Accountable Temporary Nurse Agencies. Thank you to all of the members who responded to the Action Alert for LD 451. Sharing your stories helped inform the legislators of the severity of the issue. The next step for this bill to become law is for the full House and Senate to both vote for it. 

HHS is reviewing the DHHS-related portions of the budget change package and will report back their opinion to the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee tomorrow, May 26th. 

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