Maine Attends 2023 AHCA Congressional Briefing in Washington DC

John Bolduc (The Odd Fellows' and Rebekahs' Home of Maine), Gabrielle Rioux Herbig (Sweet Seniors), and Ben Hawkins (MHCA) attended AHCA's 2023 Congressional Briefing this week. The three met with the offices of Maine's two senators and two representatives to discuss long term care in the state as well as the industry's federal priorities. 

The conversations covered resident care and activities, workforce challenges, staffing ratios, temporary agency staffing, MaineCare funding, and legislation, including the Ensuring Seniors' Access to Quality Care Act, the Building America's Health Care Workforce Act, and the Expanding Veterans' Options for Long Term Care Act. 

The visit and other past efforts are already leading to positive results. For example, in a Senat Veteran Affairs Committee hearing on June 7, Senator Angus King made it abundantly clear to CMS that federal staffing ratios would not be realistic as workforce shortages already persist. 

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