Governor Mills’ Cabinet on Aging to Meet on June 27th

Governor Janet Mills created the Cabinet on Aging approximately one year ago. She has stated the cabinet will help to "advance policies across state government that make sure the needs of Maine people are met as they age.” The cabinet is scheduled to meet on June 27th from 10:30 am- 11:30 am. For information about how to watch the Cabinet on Aging meeting, please email Ana Hicks at
Past meeting minutes and slides are available here.
The Cabinet consists of Commissioners from the Department of Health and Human Services, Labor, Economic and Community Development, Administrative and Financial Services, Professional and Financial Regulation, Public Safety, and Transportation, as well as the Director of the Maine State Housing Authority. The Commissioners of Health and Human Services and Labor will co-chair the Cabinet. The bipartisan, biennial budget included a staff person to support this work across state government in the Governor's Office of Policy Innovation and the Future.
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