Easy to use Infection Control Micro-Learns

Are you interested in leading an infection control training for healthcare workers? Look no further than Project Firstline! They have developed comprehensive training resources suitable for all learning styles, allowing healthcare leaders to engage and educate their teams effectively.

With Project Firstline, incorporating their resources into your existing infection control training programs is a breeze. Whether you have just 5 minutes or a full 30 minutes, you can deliver a highly impactful training session with your team.
Utilize Project Firstline's concise and adaptable micro-learn training resources to educate your team on various infection control topics. These micro-learns consist of guided discussions that connect infection control concepts to immediate, practical value. By using these resources, healthcare workers will be able to recognize infection risks and take prompt action to prevent the spread of germs. Consider integrating these quick, in-person trainings into your next team meeting or huddle for maximum convenience.

Moreover, Project Firstline offers training toolkits specifically designed for leading live, or web-based training sessions with groups of healthcare workers. By utilizing these toolkits, you can help your team develop the skills to identify infection risks throughout their workday, understand where germs reside, and how they spread. Rest assured, you don't need to be an expert to lead an infection control training session because the resources in these toolkits will provide you with the necessary support and guidance every step of the way.  

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