AHCA's New Podcast Discusses Workforce Development

AHCA published the first episode of its new podcast, Perspectives in Long Term CareEpisode 1 dives into ways to combat workforce challenges with Christopher Schmidt, president and CEO of Schmidt Wallace Healthcare in Alabama. 

Below is a summary of the key points Christopher Schmidt made about how his company is improving its workforce during the nationwide labor shortage. 
  • Recruiting and Hiring
    • They now have a full-time recruiter
      • Job offers have to be instantaneous
      • Following up on applications has to be nearly immediate, and his staff follow up by 1) text, 2) call, and 3) email
    • They have less red tape and fewer supervisors are involved in the interview process, further expediting the job offer process
    • The team meets the job market where they are
      • Food markets and pickup soccer matches are two targets 
      • Working only with community colleges is not enough
    • Special job titles
      • For example "concierge" instead of a "customer service representative"
        • In the past, a job post for the title of CNA received zero to two applicants
        • Now they use titles like “Hospitality Aid,” which receives 100+ applications
          • While this type of title receives applicants who cannot be CNAs, they still try to find value in those other applicants for other positions
  • Perks
    • Wages are important, but that is not all that matters
    • The environment, culture, and how people are treated make a big difference 
      • Respect from supervisors 
      • All of the managers are also CNA credentialed 
    • Weekly retention brainstorming meetings with management and other staff
    • They host a weekly retention event 
      • Always aiming for meaningful and memorable events
        • Theme
        • Music
        • Contest with a prize 
      • Pizza parties are overdone
      • Take the events to the units; the break room is sometimes overly relied upon
  • Training and education
    • Broadening the workforce pipeline
    • Make a clear career path and promotion ladder 
      • Clear pay increases can be earned over time

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