Update on Federal Minimum Staffing Rule

The long term care sector has been waiting for CMS to announce new minimum staffing levels for the nation's 15,000 nursing homes. This anticipated rule is part of the Biden Administration's plan to address what it perceives as issues with quality in long term care. In an interesting development, earlier this week CMS accidentally posted the minimum staffing study on its website. 
A reporter from KFF Health News saw the study on the website and downloaded it. They then wrote a story about the study. CMS has since removed the study from its website. 
The study is over 400 pages long, so we are still analyzing it but essentially, it outlines the cost and work force challenges with a minimum staffing ratio requirement that our sector has been saying all along. A one-size fits all approach does not work for staffing. The new study demonstrates that there is no single staffing level that would guarantee quality care, although the report did note that higher staffing levels would lead to fewer hospitalizations and emergency room visits, faster care, and fewer failures to provide care. 
The rule is still anticipated to be released sometime in September. AHCA and MHCA will continue to keep members up to date on this important topic.
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