October MDS Changes- Section GG

The MDS 3.0 version v1.8.11 final item sets and RAI guidance have been released, and substantial changes were made to several sections. 
Changes to section GG include:
  • Incorporation of four items from Section G (discontinued):
    • GG0115-Functional Limitation in Range of Motion
    • GG0120 Mobility Devices
    • GG0130I Personal Hygiene
    • GG0170FF Tub/Shower Transfer
  • Revision of coding definitions for GG0100:
    • Updated coding definitions for Independent and Dependent to clarify that either the resident or the helper completed all the activities as well as updated the definition for Need Some Help to clarify that help was needed to complete any activities. 
  • Expansion of GG0130 and GG0170 to allow for data collection on all assessments:
    • Admission, quarterly, PPS, discharge, IPA, and Part A PPS discharges. 
AHCA has created an MDS Section GG resource document to help providers breakdown the changes. The information in the resource document outlines key changes to MDS Section GG, Coding Instructions/RAI Guidelines for each item, and Actions to Consider for implementation across your facility.
It is important to develop a training plan for your facility to ensure all staff impacted by the changes are trained in them.  

Additional Resources:
  • Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Quality Reporting Program (QRP) Training
SNF Section GG Tutorial Videos:  
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