Reminder to Submit Nursing Facility ECA Application

As authorized by P.L. 2023, Ch. 412, Part NNNNN, DHHS will reimburse nursing facilities who qualify for an Extraordinary Circumstance Allowance (ECA). These payments will be dispersed in State Fiscal Year 2024.

To receive a payment under this initiative, eligible NFs must apply via an online form. Applicants must complete and submit the online form by October 27, 2023, to be considered. MHCA is working with the Department to get an extension on this deadline. Details will be sent out very soon. 

Facilities can preview the application here.

Before proceeding with an application, please read the guidance pertaining to eligibility requirements, the payment methodology, and allowable use of these funds. For those who may qualify, requests for payment amounts and other related questions can be directed to the Department at or you may contact the Maine Health Care Association directly.

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