Exciting Pilot Project Opportunity- PNMI Telehealth Technology Expansion

Funded through a grant from the Office of MaineCare Services, the goal of the PNMI Telehealth project is to enhance access to healthcare services for PNMI residents, through telehealth technology. MCD Global Health's Team has completed the initial year of the pilot project and is looking for more PNMI Facilities to participate!  Year 1 of their efforts saw 35 Facilities across the state receive funding, resulting in a number of unique technology designs tailored to their space and their residents.

In this phase (Year 2), MCD Global Health is able to work with up to 95 PNMI sites across Maine – this will include conducting in-depth technology assessments at each of the selected sites, helping each individual location select a telehealth solution that meets their needs, and finally to purchase and deliver the technology to each of the sites under the MaineCare PNMI project funding.

All PNMI Facility Types are eligible to participate, and all participating sites are allocated a base level of funding around $5,500; This funding will be to purchase at least one device that will be used solely for telehealth encounters. All equipment will be purchased via grant funds, and then owned/maintained by the PNMI's in perpetuity. If spatial considerations or assistive software and hardware needs are required to best suit the residents and the facility's needs, both of these open up an additional funding bucket that can be utilized in addition to the base funding.

Additional Information can be found here and here, and if you have further questions, feel free to contact either Reid Plimpton, Program Manager, at, or Phonse Allen-Laney, Program Coordinator, at
Finally, If you are interested and ready to on-board and participate, as a next step, MCD Global Health is hoping you will take just a few minutes to complete their survey.

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