Extraordinary Circumstance Allowance (ECA) Nursing Facility Payments Totaling $19 Million Disseminated this Week

Maine Health Care Association has been working closely with the Department of Health and Human Services and the Office of MaineCare Services on the administration of Extraordinary Circumstance Allowance payments. As authorized by P.L. 2023, Ch. 412, Part NNNNN, DHHS has provided $19 million in one-time payments to 80 nursing facilities that qualified for temporary, targeted payments through the Extraordinary Circumstance Allowance (ECA). As a result of MHCA's advocacy and collaboration with the Department, the application process was accelerated to disseminate funding to facilities more quickly. Providers received ECA payments this week. 
Applications were due in October and facilities that accept these funds must intend to remain open to MaineCare residents through December 2024. The ECA is subject to cost settlement and must be applied to allowable costs incurred from October 1, 2023- December 31, 2024, with priority use for allowable direct care costs.
ECA payments do not solve the ongoing financial challenges long term care facilities are facing, but MHCA will continue to work with the administration and the legislature to reform and improve the payment system. 
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