Message from Carrie Rice at Maine CDC

Due to the recent inclement weather and holidays, we are extending the C. difficile collaborative survey entry date. As a reminder Maine CDC is partnering with the U.S. CDC to assess current C. difficile infection prevention and control practices. This survey is based off of one they use in hospitals and is unique for Maine LTCFs. The survey can be completed non-identifiable and will demonstrate overall combined state status. The overall intention of the collaboration would be to identify best practices and share information for learning and improvement. Participation at the facility level does not need to be limited to Infection Prevention and we encourage the IP to partner with other persons at their facility to fill out the survey. For this phase, please fill out only one survey per facility.
Survey Instructions for Use:
  1. Click on the Link:
  2. The infection preventionist should partner with others (e.g., frontline staff representation, champion representation, quality personnel) to fill out the survey.
    • Please answer to current practices occurring and not just best practice policies to help identify any opportunities for improvement.
    • The tool may be filled out anonymously by leaving the optional questions blank.
    • The hard copy can be used to pre-record and work with key partners prior to entering on the survey link.
    • Only one survey per facility needs to be filled out.
  3. Provide additional context to further interpret results and potential gaps in open text fields
    • When answering open-text fields consider exceptions to the rule, variations by role, frequency, and challenges.
  4. If you have issues with the link above, please reach out to and we can work with you to get your information entered.
~~Please complete survey by Jan 19th, 2023~~
After survey next steps:
  1. U.S. CDC will provide a state-wide complied report to share with all LTCFs to highlight best practices, gaps, and opportunities.
  2. We will schedule a webinar to discuss the report, and schedule Phase 2 of the workgroup.
  3. For Phase 2, participants would select at least one identified opportunity-for-improvement (OFI) at their facility to work on. (A more in-depth review and report into each facility led by the US CDC will be an option for participants).
  4. Participants will engage with each other through scheduled virtual meetings to exchange challenges, wins, and outcomes.
Staff contact: