Update from AHCA: US Senate Aging Committee Hearing on Assisted Living

U.S. Senator Casey, chair of the Senate Aging Committee, announced earlier this week that the committee will be holding a hearing focused on assisted living next Thursday, January 25th. The hearing was spurred by recent investigative reports in the in the Washington Post and New York Times, regarding elopements in memory care and the cost of assisted living/long term care, respectively. The last hearing that focused on assisted living by the Senate Aging Committee was over 20 years ago in 2003. 
NCAL has met with Senator Casey's office and members of the Senate Aging Committee and confirmed the hearing, titled “Assisted Living Facilities: Understanding Long-Term Care Options for Older Adults,” will focus on fact finding and understanding “challenges faced by assisted living facility residents.” NCAL has provided members of the committee credible research that demonstrates our members' and the profession's commitment to quality care. 
We are grateful that NCAL Board member and Co-President of Gardant Management Solutions Julie Simpkins will testify at next week's hearing and offer a provider prospective. Julie and the Gardant team serve a high Medicaid population and are committed to quality as evidenced by their significant participation in the AHCA/NCAL National Quality Award Program. The committee is currently identifying other witnesses for next week's hearing.
Additionally, the Senate Aging Committee has sent letters requesting information from the three largest assisted living providers. While the hearing is scheduled for January 25th, the providers have been given until February 5th to respond to the request. This may indicate that there will be additional hearings or follow up once the responses are received. This letter references both the NYT and WaPo articles and asks a series of questions of the providers. A copy of the letter is linked in Senator Casey's announcement
AHCA is monitoring information related to the upcoming hearing and will continue to keep you posted.

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