Maine Care Notice: Attention Providers- Please Respond to Enrollment Cases That Need More Information (NMI)

MaineCare continues to experience a high volume of provider enrollment cases, and they need your help to make progress. Gainwell regularly identifies missing information that delays their ability to complete cases and requires your immediate attention.

Providers who submit an enrollment case that requires additional information will have that case returned for NMI. When this occurs, Gainwell will send the enrollment case back to the HealthPAS Online Portal for updates and will e-mail the individual who submitted the case specifying what the provider needs to correct.   

Gainwell may also contact providers who submit an enrollment case without the case being returned for NMI. Providers must respond to Gainwell and provide needed information as soon as possible.   

New: Gainwell will deny cases in whole or in part if providers do not respond within 10 calendar days. Providers must complete everything required. This will shorten case processing time and help us decrease the overall inventory of enrollment cases.
Checklist and Tips 

As a reminder, please review the updated Enrollment Checklist and Provider Revalidation Tips in the Provider Enrollment folder prior to revalidating or enrolling with MaineCare to verify that you have all the required documentation available. The checklist includes information about what is required for enrollment and revalidation for each provider type. We also include common errors found when submitting revalidation applications through the Provider Enrollment Application (PEA).

Training is Available 
You can register for training courses related to revalidation through the Absorb training platform. If this is your first time using the Absorb training platform, go to the Absorb training site and follow the instructions to create your login credentials. If you would like to request a live training session, you can contact Provider Services at 1-866-690-5585. After entering your NPI, choose Option 7.

If you have questions about your enrollment case, please contact Gainwell Provider Services at 1-866-690-5585, Option 2. If you have specific questions about the NMI process, please contact the Enrollment Manager Kenneth Jamison (KJ).

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